Hertervig Observatorium

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Hertervig Observatorium
Tysvær Kommune 

We were asked to create architecture in memory of Lars Hertervig, one of the most renowned Norwegian painters from the 19th century on the very island on which he was born. Our clients deliberately were vague in their request so programming and articulation of what needed to be done became our main focus.

From the beginning we focused on all relevant information and forces we had available to us. We also researched Lars Hertervig’s life and work in order to define the limits of this project. A very small community of only 11 households his native island, Borgøya, is an idyllic landscape which was his main source of inspiration.

Our project centers on the very landscape of his youth. Naming the project Hertervig Observatorium was a clear point in this projects development when the attention shifted on landscape, light, lines and points to promote interaction and personal sensory experience of the environment.

In this way we think the visitors are placed, in situations that are enhancing their connection with and their experience of this place. The very subject of Lars Hertervig’s art is at the heart of this exploration.