Art_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_LichtroutenArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_LichtroutenArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_LichtroutenArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_LichtroutenArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_InflatableArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_LichtroutenArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_InflatableArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_LichtroutenArt_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_Inflatable Art_Installation_Light_Festival_Sculpture_Inflatable_Membrane_Lichtrouten

Social Collider

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Art Installation 
Ludenscheid, Germany 

Client: Lichtrouten Light Festival

In collaboration with our great friend Dr. Lars Meess Olsohn we were invited to participate in Lichtrouten, “An International Forum of Light in Art, Architecture, and design” Ludenscheid, Germany. 

Inspired by the scientific developments in particle physics and the excitement surrounding the super collider, CERN particle accelerator, in Switzerland and France, we have been thinking about a Social Super Collider.

Our thinking has been that there would be some level of corporeal interaction with the object in direct or indirect way. Material, form, Lighting and sound reinforce the atmosphere of this cyclotron to produce a charged environment conducive to social experimentation.

We propose that our project would have variety of functions, a garden folly and a functioning pavilion this object would be a stage for performance and direct interaction.

Our aim is to evoke the aesthetic of the particle-accelerator to the visitors by the way of an object that is made of air-supported transparent foil in a  torus form which is supported by cables resembling the formal aspects of the magnetic field integral to the collider.

Inside this pneumatic torus which is glowing by hidden UV-radiation, nearly invisible lighting without pronounced shadows, the visitors became part of the installation. Wearing white lab-suits or uniforms they enter the torus via a simple air-lock. They would behave like particles in the collider, interacting with the environment enhanced by light and sound; rotating in concert with dimming and flickering strobe lighting and the “Dolby Surround Sound” until they collide “socially”.