Award_winning_Residential_Architecture_Private_Costume_houseAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Private_Costume_houseAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Private_Costume_houseAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Private_Costume_houseAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Private_Costume_houseAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Private_Costume_houseAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Costume_house_sustainable_design Award_winning_Residential_Architecture_Costume_house_sustainable_designAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Costume_house_sustainable_designAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Costume_house_sustainable_designAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Costume_house_sustainable_designAward_winning_Residential_Architecture_Costume_house_sustainable_design


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Private Residence
Vindafjord, Norway

Client: Private
Size:    220 m2

Completed: December 2011

Nestled between the rock outcroppings at a strategic point on this pristine site this house fits into its natural environment seamlessly.  A house designed for a couple and their visiting family and friends it becomes an instrument for connecting to the landscape in variety of ways. Almost organically growing out of the landscape the simple forms, focus on light, air and the magnificent views of the fjord.

The main body of the house is oriented to take maximum advantage of the solar exposure while permitting the immediate and distant views. The house then is divided in to two major, active and passive zones organizing the life of its occupants in and about the landscape. A variety of indoor/outdoor spaces connect the inhabitants to their environment. This variation of space happens by varying degrees of shelter from and contact with the landscape. The natural rhythms dictate the rhythms of inhabitation within the house.