Grønnbolig_green_home_low_energy_high-performance_Passive-House_affordable  Grønnbolig_green_home_low_energy_high-performance_Passive-House_affordable  Grønnbolig_green_home_low_energy_high-performance_Passive-House_affordable

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Residential Prototype

Client: Future Home

Future Home is established, for the design, development and construction of high performance, low energy homes at an affordable price.

Through research and development we have designed more than five residential prototypes that can be customized to suite different conditions and client types. All variations on the types are refinements to produce a unique living quarter and life experience.

Based on the combination of ancient low-tech design strategies and the cutting edge of building and design technologies these prototypes are high-performance healthy environments using the least amount of energy by today’s standards. More efficient than the most stringent energy cods requirements in Norway they use a fraction of the energy that is used in an average new home.

These domestic environments draw on integrated design principles to produce complete homes woven into their natural landscape. Neither shut nor completely open these homes in their settings provide variety of space types ready for use in accordance to diurnal and seasonal variations.   

Construction economy and waste reduction is achieved through the use of latest construction technologies such as prefabrication systems or insulated concrete form system. Design economy is achieved through simple forms and smart planning while customization takes its clues from responding to immediate building site and individual needs of the homeowners.  

These low energy to Passive-House Standard homes take advantage of years of research in the fields of architecture and construction while actively engage the natural environment and the elements.

Future Home’s mission is to bring an unmatched value and a higher quality of life to our clients, one home at a time.