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Interior Office Landscape as Business Incubator 
Husnes, Kvinnherad, Norway
Clients: Næringshauge
Size:     900 m2

Literary translated to nutritious garden Næringshage is a nonprofit organization which acts as a starting grounds for small and upstart businesses in Norway. Inspired by the mission of this collective incubator, we designed this interior environment as an urban landscape with possibilities for both sole proprietors and growing small businesses. The utilities and major amenities are shared and public while one always has access to private spaces for possible meetings or private conversations.

The small kitchen and dining area act as a village green and a public plaza. This is an informal gathering place at a crucial intersection which provides for chance interaction and creative stimulation.  Two public meeting rooms are ready for use only by the way of scheduling. Common reception acts as a check in and information point.

Smaller one person offices occupy the most valuable space of a window with access to light and air while the larger offices are more private and in the middle. We replaces the traditional walls with a moveable storage system which helps the flexibility and adaptability of the smaller spaces to possibly expand and contract with the changing needs of the tenant companies. In other words one could park their office in any spot available and move without a hitch to another location if they wanted or needed.  

Color, texture, material, details, light and air reinforce the dynamic energy of an upstart creative environment and inspire action.