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As a testing ground for multidisciplinary collaboration, our laboratory is a place to meld the creative and imaginative with the utilitarian and practical. More than mere teamwork, collaboration encompasses a highly charged intellectual group in an environment of trust, respect and support. This is not only an intra-lab relationship but is also the way we relate to all - with whom we work and play. The collective vision becomes more than a mere sum of individual abilities; it taps into the social excellence unleashed though ongoing dialogue that starts from different perspectives to be honed to a resolution that encompasses the best of the diversity and richness of original thoughts and ideas. 

The creative act is rooted in the research, analysis and synthesis of germane forces involved in the formation of the appropriate constructs. Innovation is not the whimsical act of a willful individual, but the hard work of problem identification and articulation, information gathering, information management and finally problem solving. Information regarding the regional and global contexts, and identification of major and minor forces that necessitate the final response, is paramount to timeless solutions. These forces include; the site including natural and built environment, the physical and cultural contexts, the material and methods of construction and appropriate technology. The most thoughtful, appropriate, and ultimately beautiful constructs are essentially the natural outcome of this rigorous but ultimately economical process.