Gretha Rød

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Founding Member

Gretha Rød received her professional degree from the College of Architectureand Landscape Architecture at the University of Minnesota in 1996.

She worked on several large-scale projects with two large architecture firms in Minneapolis before becoming a founding partner at LEADinc.

With a background working in the aluminum manufacturing plant, she has been exploring the juncture between the industrial process, architecture and the human comfort.  Nominated for design award her thesis project, focused on how to create an efficient, productive, safe and pleasant working environment at an industrial production hall.

Consistent with LEADinc’s vision, Ms. Rød’s practice focuses on the role of architecture in everyday’s life. Production of quality buildings for any program and project size has been her goal. Gretha believes in the positive role great design can play in quality of our lives.

Gretha considers good design as the best investment both in the short and long terms. It is extremely costly to build; planning ensures the most economic path to most effective and creative outcome. It is also important to realize that buildings have greater operating cost than their initial cost. Good design creates buildings which save or produce energy, create minimum need for maintenance, and allow long lifespan, while providing quality spaces for human habitation.