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The Laboratory for Environments, Architecture and Design is a group of architects and educators who engage in the research, conceptualization and realization of environments, architectural projects, as well as design of ordinary objects. A major qualification for value in design of built environment is its suitability for human habitation; to this end, we pursue a common place for both physical and psychological well-being. Concerned with both body and psyche, our preoccupation is to marry the measurable with the immeasurable.

LEADinc was incorporated in 2000, to provide a full range of design services. Our professional practice is founded on the belief that responsible design must enjoin the realities of any project with creative vision. We approach our projects through a collaborative process and perspective, discovering and addressing our clients’ needs, desires, and aspirations by asking and responding to pertinent and potent questions. The beauty of questions lies in unexpected outcomes that are not predetermined; predetermined answers are the death of learning and creativity. We hold ourselves and all others involved in the design and building process, responsible for the quality of the built environment and its ongoing effects on our natural surroundings. Responsible design persistently looks for ways to reduce cost and ecological footprint while optimizing quality and value.