Galleri G Guddal

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Addition and renovation for cafe and art gallery

Rosendal, Norway

Client: Gørill Guddal

Size:    80 m2

Creative work comes in all shapes and forms. It takes life work to create a truly exceptional organization. Our client Gørill Guddal is on her way to create a truly inspired place dedicated to promotion of the arts. We were asked to double the size of her existing gallery space as well as redesign of the existing place to include a small kitchen and coffee shop, store and gallery. Soon, it became apparent that the most logical place for growth was a marginal outdoors space left between her space and the adjacent building of three-story height.

For us the task was clear. We wanted to produce an environment suitable for both art and life. To keep the trapezoidal in-between space filled with indirect daylight and provide fresh air, we equipped the space at its depth with a continuous light scoop and operable clerestory windows. A large entrance welcomes the visitors in to the main gallery. Then one faces the kitchen and store and a place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Since its opening, the café has become a meeting place and a destination for the community.